What is the niggle?

So, what is the “niggle”. That little pain that has no description because you don’t know exactly what it is, how it got there in the first place and more importantly if it will be around for a while.

It is that little achy pain that follows you around. That sharp pinch whenever you move in one direction. The annoyance to your usual tasks. Ultimately, it is that thing that you should have gotten looked at ages ago but haven’t. 

Why not? 

Too often we hear clients describe their injury having been with them for a number of weeks if not months. “I was waiting for it to settle on its own. It’s not too bad”. 

You know something’s just not right, but you don’t know what it is.  Well, it’s time to stop the niggle in its tracks before it turns into an injury that puts you out of action.

Put yourself first and get a thorough physiotherapy assessment and seek professional advice on how best to manage that low backache, pinch in the shoulder or restriction in the knee or ankle. Find out what that niggle is and get on track to living a pain-free, niggle-free life.