Can you avoid injuries?

As an athlete, no matter your ability, unfortunately injuries happen. When you get injured, you and your healthcare team (or surfing physio) need to develop a rehabilitation plan together. This plan should built with your goals in mind such as returning to surfing.

Rehabilitation goals for the non-athletic population may focus on activities of daily living. For an athlete, whether recreational or professional, rehab goals focus on return to play and return to performance.

What does physiotherapy for surfing injuries look like?

A rehab journey will often start with the acute protection phase (calming the injury down). This is followed by the re-loading phase (strengthening the area up). Finally, comes progress through to the return to sport and return to performance phases (get back to doing what you love without re-injury). Rehabilitation and physiotherapy for surfing injuries will look no different. Rehab will often include gym based physical preparation and sport specific conditioning. From day one, your rehab plan needs to be shaped around your goals and the demands of your sport. For surfers, these demands include a lot of stress on your shoulders, hips and knees.

For this reason, your physio and your healthcare team must understand the demands of your sport. ultimately, so that you can return to your sport in better condition than you were pre-injury.

As a surfer, your physio needs to understand the demands of surfing. If you are an injured athlete, your physio and health care team do not necessarily have to play your sport, however, they do need to understand the demands of your sport.

The same can be said for your physical preparation in times of good health. Your strength and conditioning coach must understand the demands of your sport in order to program for performance and injury resilience. For any athlete, whether they have a history of injury or otherwise, injury resilience should be a part of their physical preparation. This will be influenced by the demands of their sport.

Why Motus?

At Motus, we offer rehabilitation as well as strength and conditioning to all athletes. This includes surfers on the Northern Beaches and surrounds. We understand the demands of your sport and we understand the demands of surfing. It’s a bonus we love getting in the water too!

Get in touch with physio Sam if you need help with getting back in the water, injury rehabilitation or physical preparation for your sport.