Knee acl injury rehabiliation program

ACL Recovery management from the day of injury,
to YOUR return to sport.

All under one roof. 



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ACL injury rehabilitation program 

Recovery management from the day of injury, to return to your sport. All under one roof. 

Move with us, beyond the traditional session – by – session model 

Our Knee ACL Injury Rehabilitation Program approach is very active. We foster confidence, education and a quick transition from the physio table to your individualised program.

We are on the gym floor and the sporting field with you, so your ACL recovery is thorough and feasible.
We follow a strict ACL rehab protocol to get you back not only safely, but beyond your pre-injury level.   

expert injury mangement

We diagnose & rehabilitate your ACL injury with referral and communication directly to your orthopaedic specialist, sporting coach and other relevant clinicians. We specialise in ACL rehab and recovery.

5 Stage return to sport testing

We don’t guess. Our evidence based testing at critical time points guides your progression through planned stages of recovery. Reports are sent directly to your surgeon so they are updated on your unique needs.

Individualised Strength & running program

Delivered by our training app, your program is designed for you and your sport each week to address the goals we set together. You’re not left guessing what’s next.

Group Gym & rehab running sessions

Strengthening the knee, returning to running, and maintaining your fitness is done best in a supportive group environment. We run ours in the best gym facility on the northern beaches, Chocolate Box Training.

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The Motus Health and Performance way

 We can see you from day 1 of your knee injury.
We take the time to explain the vital steps to achieve physiotherapy milestones, and we are in the game to get you back better than before. ACL rehab is one of our specialities, you’re in safe hands.

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acute Injury Management

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Management 

Our approach involves team decision-making with your orthopaedic specialist and other relevant healthcare specialists, considering: 

  • The degree of your injury and the level of instability of your knee 
  • Associated injuries to your meniscus and/or other ligaments such as the MCL, PCL or LCL
  • Your individual goals and the demands of your chosen sport and activity


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Pre-rehabilitation program

We work specifically with you between the injury and surgery to achieve the following ACL Prehab goals:

Recovery from the knee trauma:

  • Eliminate knee swelling
  • Restore full knee extension
  • Achieve a comfortable, symmetrical gait / walking pattern 

Prepare for knee surgery: 

  • Prevent the extent of muscle inhibition 
  • Avoid poorly learned movement habits 
  • Familiarisation with the post-operative exercises 

ACL Knee Injury Rehabilitation

Post operative protocol

Our physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and finally strength and conditioning coaches, follow our evidence based and surgeon approved ACL rehab protocol. Progression between the phases is decided upon by passing physical criteria and not just time passed since surgery.


  • Recovery from Surgery
  • Load Introduction
  • Plyometric continuum & Return to Running
  • Sport Specific Integration
  • Return to Sport
  • Prevention of re-injury
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Return to sport

We prescribe your progressive individualised program to return you to pre-injury function and beyond. Our testing procedure ensures timely graduation between each phase of knee recovery, to the important milestones of walking un-aided, running, team training, return to contact and ultimately, return to competitive play.

Our fully equipped rehabilitation gym and sports-field access allows us to run one-on-one assessment and treatment options, as well as our group rehab sessions in an interactive, supportive and sustainable environment. Your ACL rehab will be handled at every stage by top specialists and equipment, you’re in safe hands.


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