Osteoarthritis (OA) program

Our experienced practitioners are here to bust the myths surrounding OA, relieve pain and return you to function using the 4 key pillars of joint health.


Osteoarthritis (OA) program

Our experienced practitioners are here to bust the myths surrounding OA, relieve pain and return you to function using the 4 key pillars of joint health.

First things first, let’s clear up some important information about Osteoarthritis…

Osteoarthritis (OA) program

Your knee or hip constantly aches. Walking, stairs, sqautting and kneeling are painful. Your Xray report suggests osteoarthritis. You’re in the right place with Motus Health and Performance. We work with you to decrease pain and restriction, avoid joint replacement surgery and return to the activites you love. 

Osteoarthritis program


You will be taken through a private assessment consultation that allows us to assess your joint movement, and function and tailor a complete management plan for you.

Knee Osteoarthritis Program

Individualised Program Kickstart session  

Your program is designed for your current level of pain and function. This session is used to ensure you understand how to perform your exercises, why they are important and how we will monitor your progress moving forwards. 

Arthritis Management Program

Strength and stability program

For 12 weeks your program is completed either one-on-one, or in group sessions with appropriate progressions along the way. Enjoy improvements in joint strength and stability and activities of daily living. 



We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and busting the myths around osteoarthritis. Our experience with specialists shapes the design of our program for sustainable improvement in joint health.  

The Motus Health and Performance way

What we know..

You’re probably experiencing pain, loss of movement, loss of strength, feelings of instability, and a knee that clicks and cracks and gives you difficulty with stairs or squatting.

The good news..

  • Osteoarthritis is an active response where the body responds to small injures to the joint by producing inflammation.
  • Your pain does not come from a wearing down of cartilage (cartilage does not contain nerves).
  • Long term rest is not helpful (as rest leads to muscle mass loss, which all the research points to an increase in pain).
  • The key to braking the cycle is starting with low intensity exercise and a resistance training program suited to you and your tolerance.
  • Increased strength in the muscles supporting our joints has been shown to decrease pain, which improves habitual movement patterns, and returns you to the activities you love. 

Frequently asked questions


1. Patients obtain medical clearance from their GP to ensure suitability into the program.

2. Patients complete an initial physical assessment and lifestyle profiling.

3. The 8 week program commences involving 1-2 group based exercise sessions each week and an individualised home based program.

4. Post program re-assessment and report sent back to the patients referring doctor.

What do I need to know?

Nothing, other than we are here to understand how your joint pain is affecting you most.

No knowledge of your condition, or experience in a strength program is required.

Bring along a pair of shorts for your initial assessment.

Do i need a referral?

No, if you’re experiencing a knee ache or niggle and would like an assessment and advice you can begin with us straight away.

If you have seen a GP or specialist, or had any imaging taken bring any letters or reports along to your appointment.


Can i claim my private health insurance?

Yes. We offer instant claiming for Health Fund via HICAPs machine. This rebate can be applied to your initial assessment, program delivery and group classes.