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Our extensive knowledge, skills and experience in sports physiotherapy allow us to provide expert services for athletes, sports teams and active individuals.

what do we mean when we say, “all under one roof”?

The Motus Health & Performance clinic sits within the gym facility of Chocolate Box Training in Cromer.

Our Treatment room is spacious, clean, and fully equipped to house our Initial Assessments, and hands-on treatment, as well as prescription of home rehabilitation plans across
Mon-Sat appointment times.

The point of difference, is our world-class strength and conditioning facility, reformer pilates studio, and recovery area, with ice baths and infrared saunas at our fingertips.

We have ample parking and free onsite childminding.  


Our practitioners are all University educated, welcoming and friendly. Whatever your injury, we’ll make sure your treatment is tailored to you, with evidence based treatment.  

Plan for recovery

We set realistic goals for your treatment, and return to function timelines. When required, we refer internally between Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology to get you the best results. 

we've been there too

We are all active sports people who’ve competed in our fields, and want nothing less than to sit on the sidelines, so we’re invested in giving you the highest level of care to get you back quickly, and safely. 

Programs tailored to you

We will always deliver your program in person, so you’re sure what you should be doing and why. Our programming APP allows you to complete and enter your program progressions independently too. 


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Our facility stretches beyond these walls

Motus H&P offers additional off-site services and sessions catering to rehab and performance. Our ACL rehab program takes clients to the astroturf sports field in nearby Cromer Park once they are ready to return to monitored running drills. We’re there to guide clients through our program with live feedback and support.

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